International Startseite

Partner of the ENCC Working Group

Since IKULT was founded one big aim always has been to connect the local intercultural work with with national and international partners to learn and empower each other.

We are were proud to participate at the advocacy ENCC Working group. The Working Group on Territorial Development and Culture in Non-Urban Areas is a transectorial platform gathering ENCC members, partner networks, researchers, practitioners, policymakers and cultural policy experts. The group shares practices and needs, makes recommendations and participates in shaping our advocacy efforts.

IKULT participated at two conferences which the ENCC has organised (2016 in Olesnica and 2017 in Hildesheim) focused on culture in territories and non-urban areas. Outcomes from this ongoing work include the ENCC are the Crowd-Sourced Manifesto for Shared, Smart, Innovative Territories published at 2020 and the book Vital Village, coordinated by the University of Hildesheim.